Saturday, April 7, 2012


This is Glen! 

You can tell this is Glen, and not someone impersonating him, by the look of surprise on his face.  This is how he looks in most of the pictures I have of him.


I'm not sure why he is surprised, and it has been the pondering of this question that has kept me up at night.  Did he not expect me to be there to take the picture?  He should have, we drove there together.  Maybe there was a bear behind me, and that was what was causing him such stupefaction.  Was he surprised he caught a fish?  I wouldn't think so, because he is a perfectly competent fisherman.  You can see here as well, notice the pursed lips and drawn eyes.

Maybe it was the fact that I came at him with the sun at my back, like a WWII fighter pilot, that made him clench his sphincter so.  I can't be sure about any of this though, it is all just random thoughts bouncing around in my mostly empty (except for the voices) cranium.  Anyway, you will be seeing more of him, hopefully, as he is generally my partner when I ply the rivers for fish.  Presumably, after reading this, he won't look so surprised the next time he catches a fish.

But I doubt it!

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