Thursday, April 4, 2013

Back in the saddle again!

The "Pike Box" is almost ready!!

Thank you Steven Tyler for the intro, and yes it is true. I am back!  When I started this blog last year I thought it would be rather easy maintain a regular posting schedule. I mean, due to the constant consumption of bran and other fibres, I tend to be VERY regular.  But, I digress, on to fishing.  Several months ago I was perusing my usual blogs of interest when I ran across a fly pattern that I knew was gonna be a killer.  A Scottish gentleman (and I use that term loosely) by the name of Dave, who has a piscatorial penchant for pike (and pickled peppers) had just posted pictures on his blog of some flies that he had tied.  Now if you fish for predatory fish, be it in fresh or salt water you need to check out his blog site   It has a wealth of information, great patterns, and some tying videos that will give you a great many good ideas when it comes to baitfish patterns.  Anyways, there was one fly there that I knew was gonna kick some butt over here in Alberta, Canada and boy, was I right.  I tied a few of these babies up before pike season last year and I don't think I took the fly off all year!  It definitely accounted for the vast majority of pike that I caught, so because Dave didn't give instructions or post a video of how to tie the fly, I thought I would.  Hope you enjoy!

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