Thursday, July 5, 2012

Progress sucks!

Stripping the earth

I know that it is somewhat hypocritical of me, a construction worker, to complain about urban sprawl...but I can't help it in this case.  After work the other day I found myself back down by the river scouting out some prospective fishing spots to hit after this spate of high water subsides.  While I was poking around down there I noticed that there was machinery working on the other side of the river, bulldozing trees and clearing land to make way for a new housing development. 

This made me sad!  Do we really have to develop every single little piece of available land we have left?  This entire area would have made a lovely park, or even just left alone it would have been a wonderful tract of green space by the river where people could walk their dogs, take their kids, watch wildlife and enjoy nature.  Instead, the land gets flattened, wetlands filled in, and we get a bunch of ticky tacky little boxes all smushed together plastered along the river.  

I don't like to wish bad luck on anyone, but I'm gonna laugh my ass off when all this land floods and their insurance companies inform them that they are not covered because they built in the flood plain.

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